Outdoor Twister for the Kids’ Party!

Outdoor Twister for the Kids’ Party!

We ALL grew up tangling our legs and feet in the childhood game, Twister—well here is a new spin on that favorite game: Create a homemade outdoor twister game! You can make it as large and crazy as you want, and best thing is, it allows for hours of entertainment for the kiddos outside. This is the PERFECT kid (or adult!) game for that outdoor party or gathering!

All you really need is:

  • A nice, relatively flat/even lawn
  • Colored Spray Paint (4 colors)
  • A circular stencil of some sort (an old pizza box cut out will do)

Next, all you have to do is use your stencil and paint 4 columns of the same color (6 rows) as shown below. Grab a few drinks (adult or for the kids of course), the Twister spinner and get to fun!

For more details of this summer, outdoor party game you can visit Sassy Style.