Fabulous Party Planning on Tight Budget

Fabulous Party Planning on a Tight Budget

For some, fear and anxiety is sparked by visits to the doctor’s office…for others it’s sparked by flying…and then there are the few that the mere thought of throwing a party is enough to make you reach quickly for a tall glass of wine. Well, don’t reach for that wine (yet at least–that’s for the end to celebrate!), we (thinkRSVP) are here to help with that DIY party anxiety and prove that throwing a fabulous party really doesn’t have to be stressful or costly! Seriously!

To start, let’s think of the basic things needed for a fantastic party:

  • a reason to celebrate
  • people to celebrate with
  • invitation
  • decorations

That’s really not bad! The first 2 are free, and the invitation and decorations are where we at thinkRSVP Printable Party Pieces can help you out… and within a reasonable budget and timeframe. You can do this!

DIY Party Decorations:
If you own a printer, scissors, tape, and $30 to spare, you can walk away with a pretty fancy and cute custom created party invitation package that comes complete with personalized invitations, matching thank yous, food labels, bottle wrappers, cupcake toppers, party favor tags, welcome sign and personalized banner.

DIY Party Decorations

All you have to do is pick the party theme that fits that special birthday party, wedding celebration or baby shower you may be throwing. You can even contact us to learn more about getting a custom design package if you don’t see a design currently offered.

DIY Printable Party Themes

Once you have your party theme selected and purchased, the rest is easy! Within 2 days of ordering (yes, 2!) you will receive a print-ready, customized digital PDF complete with your personalized design template. Next, just set aside a fun night to print, cut and assemble the pieces as shown below.

DIY Invitation Printable Assembly1

DIY Invitation Printable Assembly2

DIY Printable Invitation Assembly3

At this point, you have only spent $30 for a custom and personalized party package, a few bucks for materials (paper, tape, prints), and you already have the bulk of your party planning and items completed! And the best part?? If you realize you left someone off the list of invitations or more people RSVPd than expected, just print and assemble more! It’s that easy. With decorations and invitations covered at hardly any cost, you can now focus the rest of your party budget on food, entertainment and favors (if needed).

DIY Party Invitation Package Details

Are you still nervous about the creative side of party planning? Our Pinterest page will help take your party 1 step further and help you with brainstorming how to appropriately carry out your party theme with some fabulous foods, entertainment and decoration ideas for your theme. Our goal is to make your party planning stress-free, fun, unique and  help you stay on budget!