DIY Outdoor Party Olympic Games

Outdoor Party Olympic Games

Summer is here and it’s time to boot those kids outdoor for some Vitamin D, plus, it’s nice to have an excuse to throw a party with good food, drinks and adult time while the kids mingle…and now you have an excuse to do so! With the Olympics about to air soon (Reminder: July 27, 2012 London!), what better way to kick off that grand event by making your own Olympic opening ceremony–perfect for that family, friend or neighborhood gathering with the kids?!

Entertaining the kiddos is simple with these DIY outdoor Olympic Game ideas, all created from pool noodles (Hello, they are only $1 at the Dollar Store, can’t beat this!). With a little bit of tape and imagination you can create hours of fun with a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course, Pool Noodle Target Practice or a Pool Noodle Ring Toss–perfect for that outdoor party and gathering! Learn more at