Classy and Crazy Bachelorette Party Theme

personalized peacock bachelorette party inivitation and theme

Gone are the days for the wild, crazy bachelorette parties….or are they? We just got back from a wonderfully planned bachelorette party with the cutest them: Peacock Theme (pun intended!) which we find just cleverly classy and wild at the same time! The bachelorette party was complete with peacock everything, head to toe! Guests came dolled up in feathered jewelry and appropriate peacock colored outfits ranging from bright blues to deep purples and dark blacks. To complete the look, we had Mardi Gras feathered masks and a ‘photo booth’ for some funky, fresh keepsake photos. All in all, the bachelorette party came together so wonderfully for us and captured great memories! If you think you’d like a Peacock themed shower or bachelorette party yourself, head on over to view our latest Peacock Party Printable, which is sure to help set the stage for a fantastic party!